Social Photography … Get around it!

This is another expense for a brand, but one that if done correctly will save in time resources. Photography is the most important aspect of any brand online as today’s social landscape is made up of news and beautiful images. This is why social channels like Instagram and SnapChat are doing so well. It’s also why Facebook and Twitter and constantly updating their platforms to keep up with this trend.

Social photos can be used in all digital channels, example: email, website, Instagram, Facebook etc. For a two to three day shoot you should be able to shoot a full season (2-3 months) of content for all your online channels.

If you’re selling products this is no longer a wish list item, I believe it to be a must have.



Images via – A fantastic food photographer. This is the level of photography you should be aiming for.

Before you the shoot, you must sit down with your strategy team/agency and discuss what photos to take, why and where. Creating a story board will help speed up this process and ensure you have the right images you need for the next few months content.

An agency that offers social photography and do it really well is The Reactor. The Reactor is an amazingly creative agency, with years of experience. This agency is a must for anything creative, truly brilliant!