Introducing Hyperlapse, Instagram’s Latest Creation!


Instagram videos haven’t really taken off like Instagram would have liked. Videos don’t have as high engagement as images due to the videos not loading up quick enough and also, generally speaking Instagram videos from brands just are not done right.

Instagram has released Hyperlapse which can only be used on iPhones which works like time-lapse. This will allow brands to shoot better quality videos and allow for more content in the videos.

I see this working really well for retail brands at fashion shows, behind the scenes at shoots, a day in the life of an employee etc.

I can’t wait to see brands using this new feature and seeing what they come up with. Time to get more creative social content developers and get filming.

To watch a video of how this works and can be used click here ->


Instagram releasing analytics… awesome and about time!

This is music to our ears, Instagram is set to release reporting analytics much like Facebook Insights. This was bound to happen with Instagram engagement being so high and the fact that Facebook own them.

The plan for Instagram is to start rolling this out and have it available in 2-3 months for everyone. They have not said this is only available for USA, so I’m looking forward to seeing this.

Action Insights: Great insights into how your posts are performing. This will help brands pin point best content and best times to post.

Instagram Insights


Ad Insights: Australia is yet to have ads on a wider scale, however they are available for some of the big boys. Each Instagram ad gets approved by the owner of Instagram, so I can’t imagine these will be rolled out to everyone for a while. However when they do this is what you will see in insights.

Ad Insights


The above looks great and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into these analytics.

Happy Friday!

What are the KEY social stats you should be paying attention to.


I sat down with a brilliant mind for dinner (Simon Doukas, Co-Founder and Director of Lodie) and we discussed at length some major issues with what brands social KPI’s are.

It became more and more obvious that brands are measuring on the wrong stats which is leading them down the wrong path. Below is a look at the stats you should be focusing on, as improving these will help your end objectives which is generally to sell $$$


If you’re reporting on reach or amount of likes or  (you’re fired). The true stat here isn’t about eyeballs or how big your community is, it’s about how many people engage with your content.

  • Engagement
  • Talking About This


You could have 1 million followers this doesn’t mean anything. You need to be reporting on engagement. How many Twitter users engage with your tweets, this is the number you need to focus on.

  • RT
  • Favourited
  • @replied


Like all channels Instagram posts don’t have a long life span so gramming at the right time is critical. Once you have established the best time to post, your key metric here again is engagement.

  • Likes
  • Comments


The above is all about engagement and that KPI should be carried out in all your communication channels, this includes email. Email isn’t about how many you have in your database, it’s about how many of them are active and engaging with the brand.

Everything you do needs to be measured against engagement. If your content is not being engaged with, change it, if it’s working keep doing it and tweaking it slightly to make it better.

STOP worrying about these artificial numbers that you think makes you look good. Your KPI’s should be engagement, this is a true test for digital marketing managers. It’s also the hardest test so I know why brands prefer reporting on the fluff numbers.

Let’s get serious about what you’re doing and the moment you change your KPI’s to engagement is the moment your brand will start to see some real results $$$, who knows you may even start to enjoy it 🙂

Instagram introducers BOLT

This new feature from Instagram is not one that I feel brands will be able to exploit too much, however there are possibilities.

What is Bolt:

Bolt allows Instagram users to private message, both video and photos to a select group of friends with just one touch.

Bolt allows users to have 20 favourite friends which they can easily send instant private messages to all with just one tap.



Image source and story: Mashable


This is only available in New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. It will be released to everyone after this has been thoroughly tested.

What does this mean for brands?

Brands will have the ability to select 20 of their closest alias and send them private messages. This could be used to send hidden messages which could help to spread an important brand message through your KOLs. A quick and easy way to seed news to those that matter to your brand.

What do you think of Bolt?


Stop sharing Instagram to Twitter

Instagram images look great on Instagram, in your communities Twitter feed they don’t see this image, all the say is a link. Links are ugly we all know this.

So why are brands still sharing from Instagram to Twitter?

It’s easy and saves time, oh and the people running those accounts are probably all over Instagram but truly don’t respect the Twitter medium.

Listen up Marketing Managers it’s time to suck it up and execute your posts correctly. For maximum hit, brands need to post natively to Twitter

Here’s the difference, and you tell me which one sticks out more?

Twitter Images


Images help your tweets to stand out in already busy Twitter NewFeeds. It’s a simple tip, but one that gets overlooked.

We’re all guilty of this, even I share my blogs directly to Twitter and the images don’t show up like they should.

Tweak your content plan

Time to plan

I often see brands regurgitating that same content across all social platforms, I get why they do this from a resource standpoint but I’m not sure why this is being accepted by marketing and brand managers.

There’s plenty of different social platforms, all of which have different users which need to be respected. If your brand is currently posting the same content across all your active channels I would advise you stop and think about your audience and what this content means to them. More often than not your message is lost and leaving either users with a feeling of ‘I don’t know this brand anymore’ or even worse yet ‘this brand doesn’t know who I am’, both of which are negative brand experiences.

The obvious stat that marketing managers need to know is which demographics are using which social media platforms.

Seems like women are dominating social media

Understanding the above is one thing, but then understanding your community is another. Do yourself a favour and take a look back at your content and see who’s engaging with it. From here you’ll start to understand your community and be able to tweak your content accordingly.

Monitoring gender behaviour on social media is not about reinforcing gender stereotypes. It’s about using data to find out what really makes your audience tick and optimising your content to achieve your social media objectives.

Lesson 101

Don’t share content between your channels, tailor your content in each channel for the community that play within it.

Example: Sharing Instagram straight to Twitter.


  • Easy to share within the Instagram app
  • Shows Twitter users you’re on Instagram which could help to increase Instagram followers


  • Instagram image doesn’t appear in Twitter stream
  • Often Instagram copy is long and the copy (message) get’s truncated
  • Can’t use links where on Twitter you can and you should
  • @mentioning can be different. Not everyone has the same handle on Instagram as they do Twitter

Twitter and Instagram

*Not showing images isn’t as appealing as showing images.


  • Pos to Instagram
  • Use image at a Twitpic and post to Twitter natively
  • Allows you to correctly @mention
  • Allows you to Twitterfy your copy
  • Allows you to add links

Twitter images

*Using images makes your tweets stand out and get noticed


Nike Running and Nike Training Club show some great examples of engaging Pins aimed at women

Nike on Pinterest