404 Error Pages, don’t waste this chance.

Website visitors will from time to time land on a 404 Error page and whilst these pages now have branding on them there’s still a chance to make these better.

There are many reasons why users will land on these pages (products out of stock, page no longer exists, campaign has ended etc), understanding that this in inevitable your 404 error pages need to be on point. Looking through most brand 404 error pages I have realised that whilst they’re not all that bad, most brands are missing the opportunity to give the customer a better brand experience.

404 Error Page Example


Like above some brands go for humour and that’s great if it’s on brand.

What’s common place?

Most brands are creating 404 error pages that are branded and look nice enough. However rather than showing up nothing brands should treat this like a shop front window and put their best foot forward.

Sports Girl 404 Error Page

Nike 404 Error Page

What to do?

Brands have an opportunity to show off;

  • New Arrivals
  • Category blocks
  • Videos
  • Best sellers
  • Social feeds

Each of the above can be done and some easier than others, but are all no brainers and at least one of the above should be chosen. By executing one of the above your error pages will now have the ability to create sales and won’t leave the customer confused or annoyed that they ended up nowhere.

I personally like the thought of having dynamic ‘what’s hot right now’ products to show up on this page.

BlackMilk Clothing are doing it right 🙂

Black Milk Clothing