Simon Blangiardo
Senior Digital Strategist and Producer at Arkade Digital

Simon Blangiardo Contributer

Melbourne born and raised and has been working in the industry for 7 years. Simon has a real passion for all things digital and likes to think of himself as a leader in digital social strategy.

Simon works with a fantastic digital agency called Arkade Digital and has the pleasure of working with a very talented team and some of the biggest national and international fashion brands here in Australia on a daily basis. His team and clients allows Simon to learn and adapt quicker than one would working with one brand.

Simon believes in convenience marketing and it frustrates him seeing brands doing it all wrong.

Simon and Robbie created this blog to help digital marketing managers understand market trends and above all what’s best practice here in Australia.

Outside of digital Simon has a passion in music, fashion and food and the three of those consume his life, well those and his kitten Uno.

Leigh Malcolmson

Digital Content Coordinator at Arkade Digital


With a diverse background and experiences ranging from Photography to Hospitality, Leigh brings a customer orientated approach to user content and user platform experiences.

Working as a digital content coordinator at Arkade Digital agency, Leigh has experience in producing mobile applications, content management platforms, and email marketing communications.

He’s busy completing a master of marketing and has a keen interest in all things digital and how digital experiences are shaping our future especially in the field of retail and customer loyalty.

David Moore

Coming soon…

Robbie Weeden

Coming soon…


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