Twitter Releases Insights to EVERYONE!

About bloody time!

This is fantastic news for us stat nerds as we can finally get some more insight into our tweets and brand reach. Long gone are the days where a brand tweets and we don’t have much insight into where it lands. Twitter has now introduced a Twitter Dashboard that all brands must check out.

Twitter Insights

Great insights with full understand of your followers. This allows brands to find opportunities with potential cross branding campaigns and help find key brand influencers.

Twitter Dashboard 2

The Twitter Cards are a nice feature which give your bosses a more visual look at how your brand is performing online, plenty of fancy graphs to sink your teeth into.

How to access the dashboard

Get started by logging into with your Twitter username and password.

Note: To view these analytics, your account must be at least 14 days old.


Twitter Favourites, brands watch out!

For the past few years I have been telling brands that they must acknowledge any digital mention in social channels they’re active in.

With Twitter’s most recent change brands need to rethink this strategy and execution slightly.

Twitter Change:

Tweets you favourite will be shared to your community, much like how a RT works.

There’s been plenty of hate projected at Twitter for this change from it’s users. It’s an odd change as the RT button is there for that. I don’t quite get the change, I’m not sure if it’s here to stay but for now, brands need to think twice about Favouriting all tweets as it will become very annoying to those that follow the brand.

Twitter Hate

In light of this change, I recommend that brands @reply to all direct and in direction mentions on Twitter and only favourite those that you’re happy the whole community will see.

If you are favouriting, think about this will affect your Twitter followers. If you favourite 30 things in a row, this will clog up your users feed which is a negative brand experience and one that I would avoid.

How do you think this change will affect brands and Twitter users?

Social Listening Audit. Much like a mystery shopper but online!

I often run social listening audits on my clients to see if they’re dropping the ball or if they’re on point… sneaky I know.

Listening Audit

What’s a Social Media Audit?

This is where you get an unknown to the brand to ask the brand leading questions in all social channels they’re active in. The question needs to implicate you’re only a click or two away from buying. I do this because you would figure anyone who asks a brand a strong leading question should be responded to as quickly possible (timely and relevant).

Here is the different ways to ask a brand a leading question on 5 of the main social channels.

Facebook – create your own wall post, comment under the most recent brand post and private message.

Twitter – @mention the brand, @reply to the brands most recent tweet, mention the brand (but don’t tag them) and if possible send a DM (can only do if you’re both following each other.

Instagram – create your own image and tag the brand in your comment and comment under their most recent post.

Pinterest – pin a brands product and comments under a brands pin.

Polyvore – comment under a brands set or create your own set featuring the brand.

Listening Audit2

The list goes on… from here, during business hours they should all be responded to within 1 hour.

How does your brand stack up? Is it missing daily opportunities, you might be surprised with what you uncover.

I will also not take ‘lack of resources’ as an excuse.

Is Twitter Heading Into The E-commerce Circle?

Twitter Shopping


Twitter and Facebook both know that this is a huge opportunity as a value add for not only its users but also a great way to increase revenue.

Story has been first reported on Mashable and they stated that there has been no comment from Twitter. It appears some users have seen this option, but this option didn’t actually do anything when clicked on.

Watch this space as something big could happen soon for us digital marketers!

What are the KEY social stats you should be paying attention to.


I sat down with a brilliant mind for dinner (Simon Doukas, Co-Founder and Director of Lodie) and we discussed at length some major issues with what brands social KPI’s are.

It became more and more obvious that brands are measuring on the wrong stats which is leading them down the wrong path. Below is a look at the stats you should be focusing on, as improving these will help your end objectives which is generally to sell $$$


If you’re reporting on reach or amount of likes or  (you’re fired). The true stat here isn’t about eyeballs or how big your community is, it’s about how many people engage with your content.

  • Engagement
  • Talking About This


You could have 1 million followers this doesn’t mean anything. You need to be reporting on engagement. How many Twitter users engage with your tweets, this is the number you need to focus on.

  • RT
  • Favourited
  • @replied


Like all channels Instagram posts don’t have a long life span so gramming at the right time is critical. Once you have established the best time to post, your key metric here again is engagement.

  • Likes
  • Comments


The above is all about engagement and that KPI should be carried out in all your communication channels, this includes email. Email isn’t about how many you have in your database, it’s about how many of them are active and engaging with the brand.

Everything you do needs to be measured against engagement. If your content is not being engaged with, change it, if it’s working keep doing it and tweaking it slightly to make it better.

STOP worrying about these artificial numbers that you think makes you look good. Your KPI’s should be engagement, this is a true test for digital marketing managers. It’s also the hardest test so I know why brands prefer reporting on the fluff numbers.

Let’s get serious about what you’re doing and the moment you change your KPI’s to engagement is the moment your brand will start to see some real results $$$, who knows you may even start to enjoy it 🙂

Refresh your Twitter skills…

My love for Twitter is pretty strong and I think brands here in Australia are starting to realise the power in having an active Twitter account. There’s still plenty that brands need to get better at, here are a few lessons that you should understand and add into your Twitter content strategy.

1. #tbt Trend

Like Milestones on Facebook, Twitter has their own version of this and it’s one that trends quite a lot #tbt (throw back Thursday),

Using this simple yet effective content post will help your brand stay relevant, on trend and allow your past campaigns to have more online life.

Mashable gave a great example of celebrities using #tbt.

TBT celebrities


2. Twitter Photos

Everything is more visual these days and with the ever increasing popularity around Instagram and SnapChat, it proves that it’s easy to make photos look good, so for brands there’s no excuse. To stand out in users Twitter feeds brands need to add photos to their tweets. This will help with visual impact. Twitter allows brands to post a collage of photos (4 in total) as seen below.

Twitter Multi Photos


3. Listen and Respond

Yes I’m a broken record, but this is only because so many brands are dropping the ball on this one. I recently ran a test with my clients and realised that 90% of them are not listening and/or responding quickly enough. Set up a direct and in direct listening stream and respond as quickly as possible. I suggest response time during business hours should be less than 1 hour.

A great article from The Next Web backs up my love for listening and responding. This article is worth the read Click Here to read and shows some great examples on how Twitter is a great customer service tool.


Increase your Twitter activity



I’m a huge fan of Twitter and think the channel is extremely under utilised from most brands. Below are the basics, but if you can do these you’ll truly start to see the power of Twitter and how this could impact your wider business decisions.


You’re not posting enough to be relevant on Twitter. You need to either commit to the medium or close the account down.


You need to be posting at least once a day and you must be listening, acknowledging and responding 3 x a day. You have great content, be sure to tweet out about it.



This needs to be done 3 x times per day. You will need to do this using the HootSuite platform. I suggest morning, lunch and just before you go home.



Set up keywords to search and target them down to location being Australia.
This will help reduce international tweets coming through.


Keywords could be but not limited to: Menswear, Mens Fashion, Politix, Mens Style



Find your Digital Leaders and build quality relationships with them.


No doubt your surfing the web and researching what the wider fashion community is doing. Hootlet allows you to quickly post an article that’s relevant to Politix. This will help to create meaningful content and allow for quick updates.

Twitter is all about being relevant, see what’s relevant and see if Politix can have a spin on this to add value to the trending topic. If you have nothing of relevance then I would suggest not disrupting conversations and watching from a far if it interests you.




Competitions help to engage the Twitter community and will help to grow your followers. Nothing fancy needs to be set up here. The best Twitter competitions are the most convenient to the Twitter community.


Example: RT for your chance to win XXX


Above are the basics and 101 when it comes to brands being on Twitter. If you can get the above right you’ll start to see Twitter being a successful channel for your brand.