Facebook Videos, I’m not sold yet…

Whilst I’m slowly turning off Facebook, I still can’t delete the app due to FOMO.

At present Facebook still has a purpose as a news first platform. It’s increasingly becoming more like Twitter and now Facebook is trying to take on YouTube as a place where people will consume videos. It’s an interesting battle at the top as they all copy each other. What’s common is us users are becoming more and more visual.

You would have noticed your NewsFeed being littered with videos of late, as Facebook is trying to push these down everyones throats. It can be frustrating as videos aren’t everything that I want to view. Understanding that Facebook is pushing this feature extremely hard brands need to strongly consider adopting video in it’s infancy stage.

Video can be an expensive tool for brands, as shooting a video off your iPhone probably won’t cut it for most brands and paying someone to do a cheap video, well just looks cheap. As brands you need to be mindful of video execution vs just doing a video just because everyone else is doing it. They take time and cost money, so they’re not for everyone.

Videos that are working on Facebook are news and viral videos. Brand videos might fall into either of these categories, but at first you may see uptake being light on. I would test this out and see organically how your videos are fairing. If you’re finding the reach and engagement is low your next move is to promote the videos. This again is more money, so I would argue not to do this.

Facebook is about to release Facebook Video Views. Telling their users how many times a video has been viewed. This is a naff release to me, yet still interesting for the users to determine if they should watch your video or not. I think for brands that have less plays it might be a negative feature.

Facebook Video Views

Image: Inside Facebook

I’m in two minds with Facebook videos for the brands I look after (heavily retail). Unless the content is relevant, timely and has share-ability, the cost to produce this video just might be not worth it. Your money may be better spent on social photography.

Facebook Videos, what are your thoughts?

Further reading on video optimisation best practice.


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