Polyvore VS Pinterest

I have no idea why brands think Pinterest is a must have. Whilst I think it’s a nice to have I don’t think it’s a must have.

Polyvore is so under utilised, yet from all stats it shows this channel is out performing Pinterest by so much it’s a joke that brands are not taking advantage of this obvious opportunity.

Jump into your Google Analytics and compare the two channels to see for yourself.

Polyvore vs Pinterest

Now the platforms are quite similar in that users put together boards/sets to show off what they’re feeling or what they’re into. They’re both aspirational and inspirational for users and that is where the true value lies.

I’m advising female fashion brands to continue with Pinterest but start to invest time into Polyvore and lead the fashion world by running a quality listen and reward strategy, the first of its kind.

  • Brands need to create an account
  • Start to create sets around your products.
  • Think aspirational and create mood boards to take Polyvore users on a journey.
  • The added benefit to this is these sets that you’re creating in Polyvore can be used on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m seeing Polyvore bring in more website visits and revenue than Pinterest are you?


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