Apps – what’s in it for the consumer?


Apps were big a few years back, but no one knew what they were doing and brands spent way too much money on creating them. Due to this they took a decline, but it appears they’re the flavour of the month again.

They say the average person has 30 apps on their phone. This seems about right, there are of course those people that have every app you can think of, but I bet they only use a handful regularly.

The reason is simple. If your app is not solving a problem, making someones life easier or convenient, then what’s the point in having an app?

If your app answers those three questions, then I say fair play. Go and build your app.

Kicker: Apps can be quite expensive as you not only have to build them for smart phones but they’re needed on Andriod as well. I would always advise on getting apps made locally as you have far more control. A great company that I have dealt with in the past from Melbourne is We Make Apps. Worth looking into if you’re interested in taking your app idea further.


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