Online Purchasing, what’s missing?

Online Shopping

Who are we kidding we all love buying online and the thrill of opening up our package when it arrives. It’s like Christmas day for us adults and I can’t help but feel a little bummed out with what I’m getting.

Below is a list of add ons that I think are no brainers for anyone that is selling goods online.

  1. Free returns. If you’re not doing this it shows me you don’t believe in your product. If you can’t stand by it, why should I.
  2. Beautiful Packaging. Don’t just slap this together. Put some thought behind it. The customers at the end of the day really appreciate the personal touch and thought. The better your packaging looks the more chance it will be shared (with no incentive online).
  3. Incentive to share online. Now as a brand you might think that you don’t need an incentive and some brands may not. BUT you smaller ones that are trying to get out there, I would suggest you offer an incentive to share. Example: Share this to your Instagram friends (using unique hashtag and @ tagging the brand), if we like the photo and regram it, you will win X.
  4. Freebies. Remember when you were a kid and the Fish N’ Chip guy chucked in an extra potato cake. You were pretty stoked and it made your night. Well put that thinking into your deliveries. It doesn’t need to be anything of super high value, but it should be targeted and relevant to the user. A small add on, will help to secure that shopper in to buy again, they’ll tell their friends and they will most likely share onto their social platforms.

Online Shopping Package

Most of the above revolves around your customers sharing content online. That’s because the biggest thing missing for brands is user-generated content after the purchase has been made. Think of this as free advertising to a highly targeted group.

User-Generated content is the holy grail for brands and with strong user-generated content you can turn your brand into a small unknown into something that everyone is talking about.


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