Refresh your Twitter skills…

My love for Twitter is pretty strong and I think brands here in Australia are starting to realise the power in having an active Twitter account. There’s still plenty that brands need to get better at, here are a few lessons that you should understand and add into your Twitter content strategy.

1. #tbt Trend

Like Milestones on Facebook, Twitter has their own version of this and it’s one that trends quite a lot #tbt (throw back Thursday),

Using this simple yet effective content post will help your brand stay relevant, on trend and allow your past campaigns to have more online life.

Mashable gave a great example of celebrities using #tbt.

TBT celebrities


2. Twitter Photos

Everything is more visual these days and with the ever increasing popularity around Instagram and SnapChat, it proves that it’s easy to make photos look good, so for brands there’s no excuse. To stand out in users Twitter feeds brands need to add photos to their tweets. This will help with visual impact. Twitter allows brands to post a collage of photos (4 in total) as seen below.

Twitter Multi Photos


3. Listen and Respond

Yes I’m a broken record, but this is only because so many brands are dropping the ball on this one. I recently ran a test with my clients and realised that 90% of them are not listening and/or responding quickly enough. Set up a direct and in direct listening stream and respond as quickly as possible. I suggest response time during business hours should be less than 1 hour.

A great article from The Next Web backs up my love for listening and responding. This article is worth the read Click Here to read and shows some great examples on how Twitter is a great customer service tool.



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