Obvious lifecycle emails your brand should be considering.

Triggered Email

The below list is obvious and you might already be doing this, if not I strongly recommend you consider adding these to your email strategy.

  1. Birthday Email
  2. First Purchase Anniversary
  3. Abandoned Cart
  4. Win Back
  5. High Roller

Birthday Email

This is a no brainer. If you’re getting members DOB it would be crazy for you to not send a birthday message. Birthdays are a great time to send an offer, most people will be feeling great and have a little extra cash to spend on themselves. The perfect time for a brand to send a relevant and timely offer mixed in with a birthday message.

First Purchase Anniversary

I see this being utilised for brands that have bigger purchases (cars, homes ect), but this could also be used for brands that are selling more frequently to the same person.

A simple email that reminds them of their first purchase. Be sure to also include an offer to come back and buy something else.

Abandoned Cart

These emails are typically sent an hour or two after a member has abandoned their cart. Usually done with a quirky tone of;

‘We noticed something may have gone wrong at the checkout. We saved your order, so please come back and try again or let us know what the issue was’.

Someone has taken the time to look through your site and were about to purchase. These warm leads shouldn’t be ignored and these abandoned cart emails will help to bring back those check out bounces to complete the purchase. Adding an incentive here will also help to get them back to complete the purchase cycle.

Win Back

Depending on the product lifecycle of the products you’re selling these times may change. However after a member has purchased from you there comes a time where you want them to come back and purchase from you again.

If furniture maybe you wait a year, if fashion maybe you wait 3 months. Either way you’re sending them an email reminding them to come back and check our your latest products. Putting an incentive here will encourage them to come back and buy now.

High Roller

Every brand has members that are so loyal they continue to buy from them over and over again (and don’t we love them). These members are great and you obviously want to fill this bucket up as much as possible. These members shouldn’t be forgotten and they should be rewarded.

You may have a loyalty program that rewards them based on structured tier levels, this is great but shouldn’t be all you do. Go above and beyond the norm and offer them something back for being so loyal and great to your brand. You know you’ll make this back up in other sales, so don’t be afraid to go all out and really give them something to sing out about. These emails are triggered by total spend and will fire off when a member hits that target. This target shouldn’t be known by your community, it should be a hidden, secret surprise reward!


Setting these ‘set up and forget‘ lifecycle emails will help your brand build quality, lasting relationships. These quality relationships will turn into repeat purchases and plenty of word of mouth. Everyone loves to talk about positive brand experiences, these emails will deliver on that.

Common theme with these emails is they generally have an offer/incentive attached to them. For maximum return on these emails, this is advised.


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