Facebook Update – New Save Post for Later Feature

Facebook are releasing the ability for users to save a post/page/place for later. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to read content on Facebook and when we finally have the time to we go back to Facebook and we can’t find it, this is rather frustrating for users. This new feature will allow users to ‘flag’ content that interests them and easily find it when they have the time to read it.

Currently finding posts can be done through liking them and looking at your activity log, but there are some posts that you just don’t feel comfortable liking knowing that all your closest Facebook friends will see it. This ‘save for later’ feature works on mobile and desktop by hitting the drop down in the right hand corner of the post it will allow you to save the post. This is currently being rolled out by Facebook to all users over the next few days.

Facebook Save Feature

Image sourced from Mashable.

Users can then re-visit their saved items using the ‘More’ tab on mobile, or by hitting the ‘Saved’ link on lefthand rail of the desktop version.

For brands this may help to increase post engagement, brands might choose to use this feature as a CTA in some of their posts that require users to come back later or posts that have important information that is valuable to their community.

How do you think brands should use this new feature?


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