A fun and engaging campaign from Pizza Mogul. Time to make a pizza!

Came across this campaign from Pizza Mogul.

Pizza Mogul desktop

It’s a fun and engaging campaign that asks users to create their own pizza. Here’s the kicker, user can share their pizza and if people buy their pizza they make money, actual money. A brilliant idea that users the best incentive of all, money!

Pizza Mogul on phone

The campaign site is easy enough to use on desktop, however on mobile it could be better. On desktop it’s easy to add toppings (11 max), and has great social sharing functionality once your creation is completed and named. Your pizza name is a hashtag which further illustrates that this campaign is designed for digital through the use of user-generate content and hashtags.

Go on, what are you waiting for, grab your apron and see what pizza delight you can make!


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