Increase your Twitter activity



I’m a huge fan of Twitter and think the channel is extremely under utilised from most brands. Below are the basics, but if you can do these you’ll truly start to see the power of Twitter and how this could impact your wider business decisions.


You’re not posting enough to be relevant on Twitter. You need to either commit to the medium or close the account down.


You need to be posting at least once a day and you must be listening, acknowledging and responding 3 x a day. You have great content, be sure to tweet out about it.



This needs to be done 3 x times per day. You will need to do this using the HootSuite platform. I suggest morning, lunch and just before you go home.



Set up keywords to search and target them down to location being Australia.
This will help reduce international tweets coming through.


Keywords could be but not limited to: Menswear, Mens Fashion, Politix, Mens Style



Find your Digital Leaders and build quality relationships with them.


No doubt your surfing the web and researching what the wider fashion community is doing. Hootlet allows you to quickly post an article that’s relevant to Politix. This will help to create meaningful content and allow for quick updates.

Twitter is all about being relevant, see what’s relevant and see if Politix can have a spin on this to add value to the trending topic. If you have nothing of relevance then I would suggest not disrupting conversations and watching from a far if it interests you.




Competitions help to engage the Twitter community and will help to grow your followers. Nothing fancy needs to be set up here. The best Twitter competitions are the most convenient to the Twitter community.


Example: RT for your chance to win XXX


Above are the basics and 101 when it comes to brands being on Twitter. If you can get the above right you’ll start to see Twitter being a successful channel for your brand.

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