Lodie – making waves in pop up shops!

A brilliant app from a Melbourne based couple has recently launched which from a market need and user experience is quite exceptional.

If you love your one off designer fashion products (clothes, home goods etc), then this unique app is one that you must download.

Introducing LODIE!

Lodie get around it

What is Lodie?

Lodie is a ‘pop up shop for your pocket’, it’s a great app that delivers young up and coming brands right to your pocket.

Lodie will send you push notifications when a new range is dropped. Currently new ranges are dropping every week or 2 which is great as it’s enough to keep you wanting more, but not too many where it’s annoying. They have definitely found the sweet spot with push notifications and brands.

The brands are different enough to keep things interesting and are at an affordable price which is even better. If you’re someone (like me) that is always looking for gifts that your loved ones will love, this app is a MUST HAVE! No more walking around like a headless chicken in shopping centres or browsing for hours online, Lodie really takes the guess work out and delivers quality unique products that everyone loves.

What are the key features?

User Experience is second to none. The owners of this app have really put their users first and this is where I think their success has come from.

From signing up, to adding your credit card details, to purchasing a product and getting it delivered, all of these steps have been carefully thought of and planned. It truly is one of the most convenient and best app shopping experiences I have ever had.

What I love?

  • App knows who I am and remembers my details, making it quick and easy to browser and purchase.
  • User experience is unbelievable
  • Loved the credit card image scan upon signing up, so quick and easy.
  • Join a friend initiative is nice. $10 credit is redeemable every time a friend purchases for the first time.
  • Products are unique and not ones that you can get from any old store.
  • It works – you browse, you pay and it’s delivered.

New Features that I would love to see

  • Adding a strong loyalty component to those that purchase frequently
  • Segmented products that can be tailored based on members selections in sign up process
  • Post purchase regular communications follow up, to tell you where the product is and how far away it is from being sent.  ASOS do this really well is a guide.

Download the free app and let me know your thoughts?



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