Tweak your content plan

Time to plan

I often see brands regurgitating that same content across all social platforms, I get why they do this from a resource standpoint but I’m not sure why this is being accepted by marketing and brand managers.

There’s plenty of different social platforms, all of which have different users which need to be respected. If your brand is currently posting the same content across all your active channels I would advise you stop and think about your audience and what this content means to them. More often than not your message is lost and leaving either users with a feeling of ‘I don’t know this brand anymore’ or even worse yet ‘this brand doesn’t know who I am’, both of which are negative brand experiences.

The obvious stat that marketing managers need to know is which demographics are using which social media platforms.

Seems like women are dominating social media

Understanding the above is one thing, but then understanding your community is another. Do yourself a favour and take a look back at your content and see who’s engaging with it. From here you’ll start to understand your community and be able to tweak your content accordingly.

Monitoring gender behaviour on social media is not about reinforcing gender stereotypes. It’s about using data to find out what really makes your audience tick and optimising your content to achieve your social media objectives.

Lesson 101

Don’t share content between your channels, tailor your content in each channel for the community that play within it.

Example: Sharing Instagram straight to Twitter.


  • Easy to share within the Instagram app
  • Shows Twitter users you’re on Instagram which could help to increase Instagram followers


  • Instagram image doesn’t appear in Twitter stream
  • Often Instagram copy is long and the copy (message) get’s truncated
  • Can’t use links where on Twitter you can and you should
  • @mentioning can be different. Not everyone has the same handle on Instagram as they do Twitter

Twitter and Instagram

*Not showing images isn’t as appealing as showing images.


  • Pos to Instagram
  • Use image at a Twitpic and post to Twitter natively
  • Allows you to correctly @mention
  • Allows you to Twitterfy your copy
  • Allows you to add links

Twitter images

*Using images makes your tweets stand out and get noticed


Nike Running and Nike Training Club show some great examples of engaging Pins aimed at women

Nike on Pinterest


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