Muted Tweets and how brands could use them

Twitter released a new feature called ‘Muted Tweets’, essentially it allows users to prevent tweets from people they follow from appearing. Sometimes it’s hard to unfollow people, so Twitter now allows you to ‘mute’ them. The user you mute will not be notified.

Twitter Muted Tweets

This is interesting as I see brands being able to use this feature. I often tell brands to only follow those Twitter users that are on brand, however with this new feature I might have to change that approach…

We all love to be followed by a brand we love, so what if brands followed more Twitter users and then just ‘muted’ their tweets so they didn’t clog up their Twitter feed. I think this is a valid approach to growing your Twitter followers and building brand relationships.

If you ‘mute’ a user they can still @reply, RT, @mention and favourite your tweets, they’ll never know you’re not listening to them.

Would you employ this Twitter approach as a brand?


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