NBA Crowdsourcing just took it to a new level

Sacramento Kings

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a HUGE NBA fan so writing a story on this gives me a solid high.

NBA teams are leaps and bounds ahead of any Australian sporting club when it comes to digital it’s not funny. If you’re interested in how digital plays a major role in sports I would suggest following some NBA teams or even the NBA itself.

A bold and genius move has been set by the Sacramento Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro, he’s reached out to the NBA analytics community for data analysis about whether the Kings should trade the eighth pick in the draft and whom they should select if they keep their pick. Just so we’re clear, the NBA draft is a huge televised event and picks can either help a team win a championship or the wrong pick could see them suffer for many years to come. This years draft prospects happens to be rich full of great talent, so the Kings now want to know who would they pick and why?

By crowdsourcing this it does a few things for the brand.

  • Shows they’re listening to the community
  • Creates hype around the brand and who they’ll pick
  • Makes the brand more relevant right now
  • Allows them to learn and hear what other experts have to say

For me, this is a brilliant way to use crowdsourcing and one that I have not seen yet.

The NBA draft is on today at 9.30am Melbourne time, tune in and see who the Sacramento Kings choose.


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