Facebook Video Ads are coming…


Facebook Video Ads

Facebook have recently tweaked their Facebook algorithm which decides what content is seen in users NewsFeeds. Facebook are very eager to understand which users watch videos and which skip past them, understanding this will allow Facebook to target video ads to those users who are more likely to watch them.

This of course will be pushed by Facebook as it’s a new revenue stream that they’ll want to prove works. Video ads are set to be released in Australia this month,  if you’re keen to invest more money into Facebook this might be an option to consider.

As I’ve stated previously I personally think brand budget would be better spent elsewhere. Video ads need to first be created (cost in that) and then you need to pay Facebook for plays (another cost), this just seems a little expensive. However I’ll keep the door open on this one until I see some actual results.

Anyone keen to try Facebook Video Ads?


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