Understanding Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights has a whole lot of data which is great if you know what you’re looking for, but with so many stats marketing managers can find it hard to wade through the stats and find the gold.

Below are key stats that all marketing managers should be watching out for, if they want their Facebook page to have any success.

Find out when you’re community is online the most:


Click on ‘POSTS’ and you’ll then be able to see which days your community is on Facebook the most and also at what times the majority of them are online.

Understanding this you’ll be able to post your content at more appropriate times to you community.

This page will also give you an insight into which posts are generating stories, reach and engagement. Depending on your Facebook objectives what’s important will be different.


How many eyeballs have seen this post. I’ve found the albums are generating the most reach in posts and highly suggest where possible involving albums into your content strategy.

Post Clicks:

Users don’t have to like or comment on your posts. If they click on the image, click through your album or even click on a link in your post copy. This all contributes to this stat. Understand that when users do this, it’s not creating a story on their friends NewsFeed. You’ll find this number is generally higher than the below when your brand is on sale as the call to action (CTA) is to leave Facebook and check out your offer.

Likes, Comments, Shares:

This is when a user engages with your post and creates a story so it’s then seen in their friends NewsFeed. Have strong CTA’s in your post copy (example: which one do you prefer?), will help to increase your talking about us stat, which has direct correlation with reach.


Where’s the gold?

The real gold you’ll find when you ‘EXPORT’ your stats. Export your stats based on a date range search and open up the spreadsheet.

Key columns to look at are;

Daily Talking About This:

This column will tell you how many of your community are creating stories out of your posts. You want these daily numbers to be as high as possible. This column should tell you what days are working and which are not. You as marketing managers should be tweaking your content strategy based on these findings. The more users creating stories from your content, the further your organic reach will be.

Daily Engaged Users:

This column explain how many daily users are engaging with your brand. It would be wise to put both columns next to each other, which will give you a true indication of which post style/content is resonating best with your community.


You need to understand which content is working and which is not. From these learnings you should be adapting your content to what your community desires. Facebook is a two way communication channel so, listen, respond, acknowledge and the most important ADAPT!.




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