Calling all Fashion Brands: Polyvore, get on it now!


If you’re a fashion brand and you’re not at the bare minimum listening in Polyvore you’re doing it wrong.

Stats are showing that Polyvore is kicking Pinterest butt in respect to website visitors and revenue.

Polyvore should not be ignored anymore, take note fashion brands, it’s time to loosen your Pinterest grip and try and hold onto Polyvore.

Fashion brands that want to be taken seriously online need to start investing resources into Polyvore. It’s a basic tool to use which is seeing a lot of fashion leaders jump in, create and share their sets.

Polyvore 101

Don’t have a degree in graphic design? Awesome, you don’t need one. Polyvore is a fantastic platform that will allow you to create mood boards which will make you appear like a professional graphic designer. Polyvore’s easy to use tool will allow you to create beautiful mood boards with products and images that can then be shared across your wider social channels.

Polyvore homescreen

Polyvore, how does it work?

For those of you familiar with Pinterest this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for you to pick up quite easily.

Polyvore members clip products or images from websites (just like they would for Pinterest), that are then saved to their Polyvore account.
From these saved images members create shoppable sets (a mood board) of their favourite products, trends, inspirations using the Polyvore editor.

Once finished the set is published to Polyvore for anyone to see and for those that follow the member will see this set in their newsfeed.

Polyvore - How to create

Image sourced: Life Instyle

Brands, what are you waiting for, time to get started on Polyvore.

Follow these steps:

1. Create a Polyvore profile here.
2. Connect your brand’s profile to your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
3. Contact Polyvore here so they can verify your profile as the official Polyvore profile for your brand.

Burberry Sets


How to create your brand content

1. The first thing you need to do is start clipping your products and images from your website.  To do this you’ll need to install the Clipper tool here. By doing this, your products are searchable on the Polyvore site.

2. Creating your sets. This will help you to gain new organic followers and brand engagement. The key here is in your title and description. Make your title and description obvious, don’t get cute or fancy with the names. When users search Polyvore they’re searching for something specific. My advice is be as specific and obvious as possible, this will make your sets more search friendly.

Sets allow brands to show the different ways that a product can be used, show off how products work together and help to take users on an inspirational brand journey.

3. When setting up your Polyvore account you can attach your social channels. This allows for quick sharing, whilst this may be the easy option I would suggest sharing to Twitter, however for Facebook I would post this through Facebook natively. Reason being, this will allow you to add more content that’s Facebook friendly including links back to your site to buy.

4.Listen, acknowledge and respond. Search your brands products in sets and products and see where they’re being used. Acknowledge those that are using your products.  Like these and leave comments to join in conversations with your consumers.

5. Join groups that fit with your brand identity. Share sets with these groups to increase following and engagement.

6. Advertise. Like Facebook you can buy ads that will help your brand reach more people in Polyvore. Click here to find out about all the different ad types.


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