Facebook, does your brand need to be on it?

Facebook is dead

This might come as a shock, but with Facebook gently pushing brands to spend more money on Facebook, I’m now questioning whether brands should be investing resources into this channel.

If your brand has been on Facebook for quite sometime and you have built up a large community then my advice is you should remain playing in Facebook. You clearly have invested time and money and this shouldn’t be thrown away. I would continue with your posting strategy but I wouldn’t put as much emphasis or importance on Facebook. I don’t feel it’s delivering enough for brands unless they’re putting more money into promoting their posts. There are other mediums that should be strongly considered, that are delivering return on minimum investment.

If you’re a brand that’s just about to start on Facebook, I would question this as I feel your digital spend could be spent elsewhere, and the return would be far better than Facebook.

You’re posts are not being seen?

Due to Facebook slashing organic reach, your posts are (generally speaking), not being seen by your community that you have worked so hard to attain. If you’re not prepared to invest budget into promoting your posts then your Facebook posts need to have strong CTA to engage.

What’s next?

I have recently written a few digital strategies an Facebook hasn’t had a look in. The channels I’m looking into are; Email, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Polyvore. These platforms are not slowing down like Facebook and from all reports I see they’re only getting stronger.

Email is king and brands should be spending time on building, retaining and cleaning their database. This channel continues to out perform all other channels on investment vs return.

Are you turning off Facebook or do you think they’ll get a second wind?


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