HootSuite – The power of geo targeted searches

HootSuite Straight Out Digital

There are plenty of listening platforms out there, but for me I find HootSuite to be the best.

If you’re a brand and not using any listening platform lift your game immediately as you’re missing out on golden opportunities. Throughout this blog I have banged on about listening and responding so this is more of that.

HootSuite allows you as a brand to create channels to listen to the wider community (not just @mentions), it allows you as a brand to make relevant and timely decisions based on what the digital community is saying.


Brands have the ability to set up streams, the issue with these streams is they’re not geo located. Geo locating these keyword search terms will allow you to cut through the rubbish you don’t need and save you time on only displaying what’s relevant to the brand.


HootSuite Add Stream


Below are the steps on how to geo target for Australia. I have gone and done some of the leg work for you, you’re welcome!

Once in HootSuite click on:
  • Add Stream
  • Search
  • Add in your keyword search

If you were to click on ‘create stream’ then all tweets from around the world using that search term would be pulled in. To refine that to just Australia add this to your keyword search term:

search_term geocode:-37.813409,144.960770,100000mi

  • the ‘mi’ stands for miles and can be changed to more or less as required.
Once the above is added, click ‘create stream’ and you should be good to listen, acknowledge and add value to the conversation by responding.


Happy listening.

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