Snapchat – Should Brands Be Using It?


Snapchat is no secret anymore and the younger digital community is lapping up the easy to use service. Stats on users is rather unknown for Australia, however roughly 26 million users (stat from DMR), so Australia would be quite a lot lower than that…

  1. Should you as a brand be connecting to your consumers on it?
  2. Will Snapchat users want to engage with brands on the platform?

Both valid questions and below I will attempt to answers these for you, keeping in mind the Australian market.

1. Everyday I’m surrounded by people using Snapchat. It’s becoming so normal that most people are preferring to use Snapchat over Facebook. The feature users are using and engaging with most is called ‘Stories’ This feature allows users to continually add video (15 seconds at most at a time) or images (1- 10 seconds) to one continuos stream. The content users posts last for 24 hours or can be removed by the user themselves if they choose. This ‘story’ can also be viewed an unlimited amount of times by the users friends (followers).

This feature is what intrigues me most and is one I think brands can take advantage of. Brands could use this feature to:

  • Show off product releases
  • Behind the scenes at shoots, parties, runways etc
  • A day in the life of a worker
  • Flash 24 hour sales/offers (show this story at the counter to get your offer).

2. To gain users brands would first need to have an incentive for the user to add them (follow your brand). I would suggest a Snapchat only offer. This offer can only be seen using the story feature. You may even want to get sneaky and have an offer that you must screen grab to take part in. Both of which are quantifiable as the stats can be seen in your Snapchat stream or by online or in store orders.

Example: Post on Facebook: Are you on Snapchat, add us and in 24 hours you’ll receive our first SnapChat only offer (add your brand account name).

Once you have your followers you can then start to feed stories to them which will show off the brand in a fun and unique light.


I’m yet to see brands really take up Snapchat but would love to see some brands do so. If your brand demographic is younger then this platform is one that you should seriously consider.

Start snapchatting, it’s bloody addictive!


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