Are you segmenting your emails?

Email Segmenting

I understand that blanket emails are cost effective and at times are needed but I’m still blown away by how many brands don’t segment their emails.

I constantly get emails from uni sex brands that are not relevant to me. If you as a brand ask a customer to join your email community, get them to fill in their details (gender, states, age), the least you can do is make that email relevant.

My advice for all brands is simple, if you have the data use it. Segment your email communications as much as possible, keeping your content relevant to the customer that’s opening it. This will help for a better overall brand experience as well as higher conversions.

This may be simple advice and rather obvious, I just don’t know why this is happening.

Aside from basic segmenting that brands need to accept and execute, brands can also look to send behavioural based emails. There’s a little more to this which I’ll go into at a later date.


Which brands do you find hit the nail on the head for segmenting their email communications?


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