Should you be expecting $ returns from Facebook?

The quick answer is NO, but the long answer is YES but not straight away. Confused yet?

Brands spend quite a lot of resources on Facebook and often they feel a little let down by the return. Brands need to understand that Facebook is, disruptive marketing. You’re interrupting someones NewsFeed by posting a marketing message, this user is not on Facebook to buy, they’re there to waste sometime and find out what the rest of the world is up to.

That being said, brands can still get returns from Facebook. To do this, your content execution needs to be at the top of it’s game, be posted at the right time and be relevant to the user.

Brands need to be posting daily so that when users are ready to buy they’re front of mind. This will help with online sales and offline sales.

If you’re posting a sale (50% off), then brands should expect website visits and transactions. If you’re finding that you’re getting plenty of website visits but your site isn’t converting then you need to look at your website, the landing pages, check out process and make some changes.


Facebook shouldn’t been seen as an instant dollar return platform. It needs to be seen as a tool to build long lasting customer relationships that will turn into sales down the road.


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