What’s the best time to post content?

This answer will change per brand based on your demographics, however I feel I can make some assumptions here that should help you out.

Each social channel is different and needs to be respected in that way, this not only goes for time of post but also post content.


You can find this out by jumping into your Page Insights and clicking on ‘Posts’. Facebook will show you an interactive graph which illustrates when the best time to post is on that day based off when the majority of your community is online.

Facebook Best Time To Post

As a general rule the best time to post on Facebook is either:

  • 7.30am – 8.30am getting users on their way to work/school
  • 7pm – 9pm getting users when they’re at home watching TV

Important to note that generally speaking the device they’ll be using to consume your Facebook content is their mobile phones. Understanding this should help to shape the content you’re posting.


Instagram users are mostly online in the evenings after work when they’re at home cooking dinner #foodporn. That’s not to say that daily posts are not warranted cause they are. However for the most reach I would advise your grams be posted after business hours.

  • 7pm – 9pm best time to post

If you have content that’s time sensitive don’t hold onto it to post at night, post as you need as Instagram is like Twitter and if it’s relevant and timely post it as it happens.


Twitter there is no best time to post as Twitter is all about posting as it happens. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where you can hold onto content, Twitter is about posting it right away and joining in the conversation as it’s happening.

Note: If you’re following my posting time suggestions this means that the community will also expect replies to questions. After a post be around for 30 minutes to answer any questions that arise. The rest of the questions can be answered the following morning when you get into work.

Do you agree with these times or have you experienced something else?


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