Which email platform to choose…

There are plenty of options on the table for brands to choose from, the issue often brands are choosing the wrong one.


Time and time again brands are sold email platforms that can do everything you haven’t even thought of yet, and whilst this sounds great in a sales pitch brands need to stop and ask themselves;

‘What do I need this platform to do?’

The answer is simple here is what your email client should be able to do;

  • Send emails as you build them
  • Send triggered emails
  • Report on emails
  • Send A/B subject line or click through emails automatically and not manually
  • Send to segments that you have created
  • Store data in a secure place.
  • Segments created should be updated automatically and not need to be done manually prior to sending

Now you may want this email platform to also hold transactional/behavioural data so you can send relevant communications that are either triggered or built and sent as you need. This is a simple task that all platforms should be able to handle. The key with this is integrating your sales data (in store and online) with your email platform. Done through API calls.

If your email platform cannot do the above but can change your tire on your car then you’ve been sold a lemon.

Personally the best email platform I have used and would recommend all to use is MailChimp. It does all of the above, is super user friendly and allows for a lot of API calls to get the right data you need in. Not only that but for price they’re by far the most affordable on the market.

Email clients like, Exact Target (SalesForce), Traction, Impact Data etc are all great, however for me, they’re out of date, not user friendly and require far more work and resources  ($) than MailChimp.

Love to know what email clients you’re using and how you rate them?


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