Twitter, brands you’re doing it all wrong

I often head to brand pages on Twitter and I see so many big brands getting it wrong.

It’s not all about me, me, me. The quicker brands realise this the better their Twitter presence will be.

Brands need to understand that negative tweets are not such a bad thing. Accept that they’re happening and then work out how to respond. Every negative tweet needs to be acknowledged and resolved. I see negative comments as an opportunity, turn this users negative brand experience into something positive. Do that and you’ll have them tweeting even more about how well you handled the situation.

Not all tweets are negative there’s plenty of positive tweets that you’re missing out on as well. Listen, acknowledge and respond.

If your brand twitter page is not littered with @replies then you’re doing it wrong. That illustrates to me that they’re not listening or responding to anyone and that you’re missing out on plenty of opportunities.

They’re are some brands doing it right, the ones I have most recently came across that are is;

*Both pages need to be updated to the new layout, that aside the listening and responding is great. Take note people!

SportsGirl Twitter Example

Grill'd Twitter Example



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