Facebook Ads – What Works?

For my current brands running Facebook Ads, to me it’s really a waste of money, read why I think so here.

BUT if you’ve been living under a rock (new to Facebook) or your Facebook page just hasn’t quite taken off the way you imagined it would, it’s because of a few key factors:

  1. Your content isn’t executed correctly – read what works here.
  2. Your community isn’t on Facebook
  3. You’re running ads but the wrong ones
  4. You’re not running Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads what works?

It’s simple, Facebook users are more impressed with what they’re friends are engaging with than any other Facebook ad you’ll create. Understanding that, the Facebook ads that work are ‘Sponsored Likes’.

Facebook Page Likes

Example: When your friends like a brand page, their activity will be seen in your NewsFeed. Seeing your friend that you have high EdgeRank with, will more often than not intrigue you enough to see what they have liked. This generally turns into more page likes.

Facebook Page Like Example

Remember you can choose up to 6 images when setting up the ads. This will help when optimising your ads, removing the ads that are not performing and adding more budget to the ones that are.

I think brands shouldn’t pay more than $0.50 per page like. If you’re paying more than this you need to ask yourself, is this the right medium for you? Can your money and resources be better spent elsewhere?


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