Should you be promoting your Facebook posts?

The short answer is YES, the long answer is to follow.

Facebook still has the majority of eyeballs and for getting a paid message out there it’s still one of the most effective ways to communicate a mass message. Facebook slashed it’s reach which caused page content to be dramatically effected as organic reach is now lost. Understanding this, Facebook has given one trump card to pages which is in the way of promoted posts.

Promoted posts will always get reach, the kicker is you need to pay for it. Asking me to tell you what your promoted budget should be, is impossible to answer as it will differ with each brand and their community size.

Posts you should be promoting are;

  • New Product Launches
  • Offers
  • Sales
  • Events

They’re all content that requires more eyeballs for those specific campaigns to have a chance of being successful

Next Level Promoted Posts 

Instead of promoting to your community and they’re friends, I suggest targeting this even further to users that are more known to you. You can achieve this through Custom Audience and Look-alike Audience.

Targeting this content will make sure it’s not only relevant but also timely and gives communicators the chance to create bespoke content.

Promoted Post Images

A classic mistake from brands is they try and pile in a heap of text into their image, this is a big NO NO from Facebook and they will not allow your post to be promoted.

Facebook want marketers to be clever about what they post and how it’s executed. There’s a simple guide that you must follow, your image must not have more than 20% text. Facebook have supplied a ‘grid tool’ to help you understand what’s allowed and what is not.

Grid Tool

You cannot have more than 5 boxes of text, if more than 5 your post will not be promoted.

As you can see below, this post only takes up 5 squares so this can be promoted.

Witchery Promoted Post Example

This image takes up more than 5 boxes and will not be promoted.

Witchery Facebook Promoted Post Example Fail

Promoted Post Copy

Once you have your image sorted you then need to think about your post copy. Make the post work for you, I would suggest making the post copy, short and engaging. Asking questions or having a strong call to action is advised. The more people that engage with this post the more people that will see this post.

Also if you include the word ‘Facebook’ in your post copy this will not be promoted. Facebook don’t want to be associated with your post so do not use them in your post copy. If you’re promoting anything that’s for 18+ (example, alcohol), this will not be promoted either.

Bonus Tip

I advise letting the post be posted without promoting it right away. This will make the post work as hard as it can organically. Then after a couple of hours put some budget behind it to promote it to those that it didn’t reach the first time around. That way your not paying for reach that you would get organically.


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