Listen … and REWARD!

If you’re a brand that doesn’t want to fork out the big bucks for a multichannel campaign here’s an idea that’s easy and cheap.
It’s an idea that you should be doing at the bare minimum but I know brands aren’t.

Brands love positive user-generated content right? So why don’t brands incentivise their community for it.

Listen and Reward

In all your channels listen to what the community is saying about you. This should be done regardless, but here’s an idea to take that a step further. Listen … and REWARD!

In any channel, if a user has something great to say about you, tell them thanks and for being so great you’re going to give them a reward. You may not have the resources to reward all positive mentions (usually done through a loyalty platform), then reward a few a week that really stand out. Rewards can be in the way of product, gift cards or even money on their loyalty card. It doesn’t need to be anything of huge value, but it’s a great way of saying thanks.

When giving out these rewards I would be looking to give them to users that have a strong digital presence as they’ll be more likely to tell their channels of what just happened. By doing that they’re spreading the word for you and giving your brand great positive brand awareness.

Again, it’s simple, easy and cost effective. It can be turned on and off as often as you like, but I advise this is something that is done all year round with a couple of rewards going off each week. The more the better!

What do you think of this idea?


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