Blogs: Should your website have one?

I see quite a lot of brands using blogs on their site and it’s great. For brands, blogs are an internal solution to house your own content without having to pay an external agency to create for you.

Most brands are using a WordPress plug in and the content is looking great, but for the brands that are not executing their blogs correctly it’s due to one big problem: They have no idea who their customer is. If you don’t know this, then please read ‘Who really is your customer?’

Below is a list of blog sites that are doing it right, so take note:

  • Relevant story which is topical now.
  • Lifestyle and inspiring shots, which their community could see themselves wearing.
  • Told a story through minimal words and more through images.
    A picture says a thousand words.
  • Loved the ability to buy straight from the blog, super easy and user friendly.
  • Clean, simply layout.
TopShop Blog Example
  • Call their blog the ‘Journal’
  • it’s got a simple, yet beautiful design which makes it quite easy for their customer to locate stories of interest.
  • It appears like a high end web magazine which highlights their products and the lifestyle they represent. 
  • Once you click into the story, I feel the layout could be better, however their content is so good you can look past that.
Mr Porter's Blog Example
  • Really have a firm understanding of who their customer is
  • Blog is simply designed which makes it easy for the user to scroll through on any device and consume it’s content.
  • Use a lot of beautiful image and videos to show of their story.
  • Minimal words are used as they’re truly not needed
Quiksilver Blog Example
  • Don’t push their product, they push their brand.
  • Blog stories are all about lifestyle, which puts Industrie in the circles they want to be seen in.
  • Again, little words and all imagery.
  • Interesting topical stories that people want to read as they don’t come across as a sales/marketing message.

Industrie Blog Example

Retail consumers don’t have much time to read a long wordy blog. Images tell a thousand words and are what is preferred by the wider digital community.This is why social channels like Instagram and SnapChat are becoming ever so popular.


Put your pen down and pick up your camera it’s time to shoot!


  • Don’t use images that we can see already on your product pages.
  • Shoot new lifestyle pieces of where your clothes can be worn.
  • Lifestyle and Inspiration.
  • Trim down your copy and let your photos tell the story.
  • Add easy buy links that keeps the user on the blog but allows user to add to cart (TopShop).
  • Add social share links

Above all, don’t over think it and keep it simple!

If you know of any other blogs doing it right, please comment them in below as I’d love to check them out!


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