Facebook Album Posts vs Wall Posts

Since Facebook slashed organic reach brands have been frustrated with not reaching enough of their community when posting.

Over the past few months I have been watching my brands and noticed there has been one constant amongst all brand pages…

Facebook album posts are generating at least double the amount of organic reach than wall posts. I believe the reason are due to Facebook users predominately consuming Facebook content on their mobile phones. Facebook albums stand out on mobile phones and are quite easy for the user to swipe and engage with. In fact swiping is becoming the norm and consumers almost expect to swipe left and right, so don’t let their fingers down!

Facebook notices when your content is being engaged with and thinks that this content might be relevant to more of your community so they’ll be more than likely to show it.

Facebook Albums in Mobile Phone

There’s nothing clever about what I’m saying here, it’s actually simple. Where appropriate use Facebook albums.

Have you noticed this as well or are your findings different?


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