Calling All Fashion Brands; Polyvore Should Be On Your Radar!

Pat's Polyvore

I see the stats on a daily basis and I’m constantly blown away by Polyvore and I scratch my head as to why brands are not being active in this space.

If you’re a digital marketing manager and you haven’t heard of Polyvore (you’re f*cking fired), I have no idea how you landed your job. I advise that you do the following to get up to speed with this impressive channel.

  1. Create your own personal account
  2. Search for brands you like and see what boards come up
  3. Follow users and brands that you like
  4. Create your own sets

Once you’re familiar with this channel on how users interact and engage within, you’ll then be ready to understand how your brand should be playing in this space.

Follow the steps below once you have spent a few weeks actively participating as a user in Polyvore.

  1. Create a brand account
  2. Create a couple of sets that are relevant to your brand
    – This is done so when people find you, you have boards that they can engage with right away and your branded account doesn’t look unused or abandoned.
  3. Search products, sets, collections, items for your brand
  4. Acknowledge all that you find.
    – This will show that you’re active in this space and will help to introduce your account to users that like your products. Helping you to grow your followers.
  5. You can use the sets that you create in other channels; Email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  6. Create one (1) at least per week.

Once you have done the above steps, it’s simple; Listen, Respond and Create. Be active in this space and you should see your followers grow, but more importantly your website traffic and sales from Polyvore will increase.

Here are a few people to follow to get inspiration from:

Pat Polyvore Example

Pat – Click Here


Amber Nicki Rose Polyvore Example

Amber Nicki Rose – Click Here

Stephanie's Polyvore Example

Stephanie – Click Here

Dorc Design Polyvore Example

Dorc Design – Click Here



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