Are your digital channels getting you website visits?


If you’re wondering if your digital content strategy is right look no further than your website analytics. For this to work you must be using tracking links on all links going back to your website. Without tracking links it will be hard to determine which links are generating traffic and which are not.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool and one I urge all marketing managers to get up to speed with. GA is a beast and one that’s hard to tame, but understanding the basics is a great start and should get you by for now. However I would suggest doing courses to better further your skill and understanding.

To find out what traffic your content strategy is driving to your website follow the steps below.

  1. Click on top left search bar and type in ‘Traffic’
  2. Click on ‘Acquisitions > All Traffic’
    Google Analytics Traffic Help
  3. Put in a date range you wish to search
    Google Analytics Traffic Help (date range)
  4. Click on ‘E-commerce’ so it pulls in your E-commerce data if applicable.You will then be presented with a graph of traffic and also a table below that graph of all your traffic sources.Google Analytics Traffic Help (visits table)
  5. To search for specific digital channels, click in the search box on top of the table and type in your channel. ie ‘Facebook’
    Google Analytics Traffic Help (Facebook Search)
  6. Click on ‘Secondary Dimension’
    Google Analytics Traffic Help (Secondary Dimension)
  7. Click on ‘Advertising’
  8. Click on ‘Campaign’
    Google Analytics Traffic Help (Secondary Dimension Campaign) 

    This will then show all campaigns you have created with your tracking links. From here you will easily be able to see which content is generating the most website visits and revenue for your brand.I would suggest tweaking your content strategy based on your findings. This should be looked at each week as content strategies should always be changing with what your community now wants.


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