QR Codes, should you be using them?

Let’s be honest no one is really using QR Codes right. Do you even have a QR Code Scanner app on your phone? The likelihood of your community using this is extremely low, however this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used!

QR Code

QR Codes act as a visual reminder to the customer that there’s something more for them to engage with. It illustrates that behind the closed door there’s more.

If you’re promoting a competition/campaign in store or anywhere (almost anywhere) else that’s offline, then a QR Code is a great way to get your customers attention.

Make sure that along with the QR Code you have a easy to use, customised URL address that your customers can type into their phones. It’s important that this URL address be easy to type in, short, sharp and readable. Another key, would be to tell them why they should scan, what’s in it for them?

DO NOT use a QR Code on anything that moves (Side of Tram Ads, Transit car ads), I have seen so many of these and I have no idea how they think these will work. No one has the time to get out their phone, unlock it, find the QR Code scanner app and scan in your QR Code. Just don’t do it, please! Whilst we’re on this, don’t put it on anything that’s not scanable, I have seen QR Codes on billboards, yes people, billboards. Really? If you’re a marketing manager that has done that… You’re F*cking fired!

Found 10 great examples from Econsultancy–  I have shown a few below. Worth reading their article.

Don’t recommend scanning whilst driving. Also why am I scanning this?

QR Code Fails1

I’m lost for words on this next one…

QR Code Fails2

Not sure about you fellas, but the last thing I want to do is risk dropping my phone!

QR Code Fails3

Where to create QR Codes?

Great site is called Kaywa.

Hot Tip:

Make your QR Codes dynamic. This means you can change you URL address after you have printed them out.

Nothing worse than printing out a QR Code and not being able to easily re direct the URL.


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