How to set up Google Analytics Tracking Links

Google Analytics

You first need to set up a Google Analytics account but I’ll go ahead and assume this is done. After that you’re going to want to track everything you do that generates website visits and to do this you need to add tracking code to your landing destination URL’s.

There are four (4) fields you need to fill in to complete the optimal tracking code.

  1. Campaign
  2. Traffic/Platform
  3. Medium
  4. Term

Let’s break these down further for you.


This is the unique name for your campaign. I suggest using the date and name in this and it should look similar to the below.



Which platform did this traffic come from (email, facebook, twitter, pinterest, google, websiteX).


Where in the platform did it come from (nav, post, tweet, pin, cpc, banner).


What is the content about (brand, product, sale, offer)


  • Only can be one question mark ? in the URL string. If there’s already a question mark in the destination URL please use ‘&’ instead.
  • No spaces always use underscore _
  • Lowercase letters

Below I will show you an example for a few different platforms to show you the difference, all have the same landing page. You’ll notice the ‘campaign name’ is the same, however the ‘source’, ‘medium’ and ‘term’ will differ.


Facebook Promoted Post:

Twitter Post:

Website Banner Ad:

Are you using Google Analytics to track your social links? What tips do you have?


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