How To Grow Your Instagram Channel

I often get asked how to grow Instagram channels and my response is always the same. It’s all about user-generated content. If you can get Instagram users to @mention you in their grams your followers will grow, if you get highly influential Instagram users to @mention you you’ll see your followers grow ever more.


I watched this with the brand Frank Coffee Scrub and what they did blew me away. I strongly suggest brands look at Frank’s content and adjust what they’re doing accordingly.

  1. Get your product to influential grammers
  2. Get them to do a few grams about your products @mentioning you and using a unique hashtag
  3. Follow all influential grammers back
  4. Regram the best grams you come across
  5. Acknowledge all grams that use your unique hashtag through liking and commenting.
  6. Create daily content that relates directly to your brand.

Following these simple steps will help you grow your Instagram community quickly.

#thefrankeffect example
This strategy is great, because it’s so simple and effective, but if these steps are not followed then this strategy will not work for you.



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