Beacons… get around them!

Beacons are yet to be given a good run here in Australia, but I for one am looking forward to the brands that take on Beacons and give them a spin.


Essentially Beacons allow brands to tailor messages to their community that are close to where the Beacons are located.

  1. Store sets up a Beacon in their store
  2. Shopper walks within the Beacon range (low frequency Bluetooth range, generally up to 10 – 20 metres) and a notification automatically pushes up onto the customers mobile screen.
  3. The message doesn’t need to be an offer or reward, but those types of notifications will help bring that shopper from outside into your store.
  4. If shopper is in store the notification may encourage them to get something they weren’t planning on getting.

The only downside that I can see is that for Beacons to work ‘bluetooth’ must be enabled on the users phone and the user must first have allowed notifications to be pushed to them.
I don’t personally always have bluetooth on so these notifications would not work for me. Even so, I would still think it’s worthwhile for brands to adapt this new technology as they’re relatively cheap and easy to run.

If brands were to communicate these type of offers, I’m sure loyal customers would turn their bluetooth on.


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