Convenience Marketing

Convenience Marketing

You will probably hear me talk about this quite a lot as it’s something I truly believe in and something I think brands often look over in fear they’ll miss their KPI’s.

What is convenience marketing?

Without your customers you are nothing. Convenience marketing puts your customer in the front of the line of all your decisions. Making sure there are no hurdles that customers face when pursuing your business objectives and goals.

Example: Website Checkout Complete

If the goal of your website is to make sales, ask yourself if it’s easy to land on your homepage and complete the check out process? My advice is get your mum to test the site. Someone that most definitely isn’t as close to it as you and someone that is relatively new to your site. Ask them to complete some site goals (assuming these are set up in Google Analytics).

Example: Buy a brown jumper / Join the email list
I would even suggest getting them to test this on desktop and mobile.

If the person testing your site cannot complete those goals in under 5 clicks you’re making life to difficult for the consumer and your site is not convenient enough. In all cases for site conversions, the less clicks the better. We’re all time poor, so the quicker and easier it is the better your sites conversion will be.

This is the definition of Convenient in Wikipedia:

Convenient procedures, products and services are those intended to increase ease in accessibility, save resources(such as time, effort[1] and energy) and decrease frustration.


When making brand decisions always make sure the customer is the first, middle and last thought. If you decide something that is not convenient for your customer then you’ve probably made the wrong decision. Don’t worry you’re not alone, it’s happening everywhere I look.


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