Facebook Milestones: Why are they so under utilised?

Facebook Milestone Mustang

I find this old feature is rarely used and I often wonder why. My fashion brands are always looking for new content ideas that are interesting and engaging and I feel it’s right under their noses.

Content Idea:

Taking cues from #flashbackfriday or #throwbackthursday – where users post old photos and memories on Instagram. Could brands use similar thinking to create new, interesting, engaging content for their fans? I think they can.

Facebook Milestone Manchester Football Club
Example Posts:
  • Best sellers from past seasons (showing off fashion from the past), getting your community to engage with old trends and showing off how much fashion has changed.

    On this day in 1972 our first range was sold. We just love the (product name), maybe this should make a come back!?!
    (shown off in album or wall post)

  • Advertisements ran in traditional form (magazines, tvc), showing off some of your favourite and most talked about ads would be of interest to your loyal fans.

    Our first spread in Cosmopolitan was released on this day. My how fashion has changed, but we must say we do love our models figure.
    (shown off in album or all post)

  • New store openings. Showing off the history and growth of the brand.

    On this day X opened and has become one of our leading stores. It’s fair to say it’s changed a lot. Which is of our stores is your favourite?
    (show shot of before and now). 

Further Execution:
Aside from executing on Facebook (using the milestone feature), I would suggest using these stories on Instagram (sharing to Twitter). I would even suggest creating a Pinterest board.
It would be great to either use one of the hashtags above, as they’re widely used, or if you want maybe create one of your own; #brandnamebackintime
Facebook Milestone Goodwill
Finding past content isn’t often easily found. Hopefully it’s stored somewhere in the archives and it’s accessable.

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