Simply Fix, To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Get more YouTube subscribers with this pop-up

Generally when users land on your YouTube page there will not be an aggressive sign up option. Instead the ‘subscribe‘ is tucked away in the right corner. Below is a trick that will have users that you direct to your YouTube page be asked to ‘subscribe‘ as seen in the example below.

Oakley YouTube Subscribe

All it takes is adding this extra bit of text to the end of your YouTube URL whenever you share it: The below example is for Oakley Australia–K8TKtH0QSg?sub_confirmation=1

Pretty easy, right?

This small parameter at the end of your URL will show this popup to prompt your users to subscribe to your channel.

Make sure you add it to any YouTube links on your website (footer links), when you share through social media and when you mention your YouTube channel in emails.



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