Why Aren’t All Brands Doing Loyalty?

Brand Loyalty

If you’re a brand that’s selling goods or service that allows for frequent repeat purchase (IE: Fashion), I’m lost to understand why loyalty isn’t high on your priority list.

Q. If  Shop A and Shop B sold the same products at the same price, but Shop A gave you a reward for shopping with them, where would you shop?
A. Shop A. Majority of customers will shop at a place that gives them something more for their dollar, bank for buck!

So, why aren’t all fashion retailers running a loyalty program? Is it that it costs to much to set up? They don’t know how to set them up?
They’re are some great loyalty programs running in Australia that you can learn from; Witchery, Mimco and Tony Bianco (coming soon).

The agency that looks after all of them is Arkade, they’re leaders in this field so are worth dropping a line if you’re serious about loyalty.

*I do work for Arkade, shameless plug haha but honestly we’re the best at loyalty and I stand by that.


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