Product Page Descriptions Make-Over

I’m constantly coming across eCommerce sites that have the basics wrong. Again this comes back to the customer and making everything convenient for them.

Product Pages seem quite obvious and simple, but time and time again these are not set up correctly. You’ve managed to get users to a deep level view of one of your products, this is the time for your brand to shine and make it super easy for your customer to proceed to checkout.

Australian brand Politix have a fantastic website, here’s a closer look at their product page. I particularly like the question mark (?) on the sizes that are out of stock. They allow customers to request an email if that size becomes available. I also suggest adding the ‘returns policy’ as explaining to the customer how easy it is to return and the costs if any, will help to give the customer assurance that their online purchase is in good hands.

Politix Product Page

Below is a list of some of the must haves on your product pages.

      • Product descriptions
      • Copywriting considerations
      • Presenting detailed
      • product information
      • Product display
      • Product images
      • Zoom tools
      • Videos
      • User generated content
      • Customer Q&As
      • Seller ratings
      • UGC recommendations
      • Wording of calls to action
      • Button placement
      • Delivery charges
      • Returns policies
      • Cross-selling and up-selling

A great article from Econsultancy has this checklist and more in a lot more detail, if you don’t have them you would need a compelling argument as to why not. You will need an account with Econsultancy to read the full article, if you don’t have an account I would suggest you sign up.

To see this article head HERE now.

If you have come across any amazing product pages I’d love to see them. Link me up in the comments below.


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