Should Brands Be Building Optimised Emails?

There’s so much talk of ‘optimisation’ for websites and now that talk has moved to emails. Optimisation can be a costly exercise, one that should only be undertaken if your stats suggest it’s needed, I for one am not entirely sold on optimised emails.

Looking at my clients I have noticed that the trend for opening emails on mobile devices is only getting bigger and I cannot see that slowing down.
Does that mean we should be optimising our emails so they render perfectly on all devices? No!

Mobile Designed Email

This means that we should be designing for mobile first.

  • Everything needs to be bigger; Fonts, Images and Buttons.
  • Single column layout.
  • Spacing out links and buttons so they’re easily tapped.
  • CTA needs to be strong and clear.
  • Designing max 600px width, as at thats size this still renders quite well on desktop.

Your final consideration should be where these mobile users land. It’s great to have a mobile friendly email, but if your site is not mobile friendly or responsive what’s the point.

A great info-graphic from Exact Target explains this in more detail can be found here.


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