Stop paying for Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes
Unless your page is brand new or has under 10,000 likes, I’m steering away from advising brands to pay for likes. I think brands should let their like count grow organically and any budget they have should be put into executing posts better (spend more time in house or with external agencies) and start to use custom audiences.


This may not sit inline with your current brand KPI’s, but my advice is paying for likes is becoming redundant as promoted posts and custom audiences is where Facebook is pushing brands to spend money, and I agree with them that it’s a smarter alternative.


Once brands have a solid amount of likes (50K +), if they’re continue to pay for likes their community will continue to grow, but their reach wont necessarily go up with that. Brands Facebook KPIs should be; post reach, post engagement and post generated stories and if they’re not, you need to fight for them to be.


What are your thoughts on Facebook likes? Do you agree with my thinking?

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