Facebook Custom Audience

Lookalike Audiences

If you’re a brand and you have not considered custom audiences or lookalike audiences on Facebook your digital marketing manager should be fired… well maybe not fired but they should be asked why this feature is not being looked at.

Facebook allows brands to upload customer email addresses to Facebook’s Power Editor helping to locate some of their customers. Customers can only be found if the email addresses match up.

This is a great tool as it allows brands to first segment a group of members based on transactional or behavioural data, then allows brands to tailor a specific communication to those Facebook users. This of course is extremely powerful tool that all brands should be considering and if it was up to me, they should be doing!


By uploading data that identifies your brands customers to Facebook brands can create ad segments using these users. Brands can upload data for their Custom Audience using:
• Email addresses or Phone numbers
• Facebook user or app user IDs
• Mobile app advertising IDs (IDFA)
• Viewers of Facebook tracking pixels or the Facebook SDK that have been installed in their sites/apps

Once set up, Facebook allows brands to directly target ads and wall posts using these groups. These ads can be highly targeted and relevant as you’re communicating to a known group (or excluding them). As a result their performance is usually much higher than standard Facebook targeting.

Example: Brands could run an ad campaign to increase purchase frequency by uploading a segment of users that have not made a transaction in the last 6 months. There could be a compelling offer with this to incentivise the user to click through and make a purchase.


Lookalike audiences allow brands to target more people who have similar interests and
behaviours to their already established customers. Brands use either an existing custom audience or conversion data (using Facebook pixels) as a “seed”. An audience is then built of similar users
that can be optimised for “Similarity” or “Greater reach”.

Similarity Optimised

Will include the top 1% of people in the selected country who are most similar to the seed
custom audience.

Reach Optimised

Includes the top 5% of people in the selected country that are similar to the seed custom
audience, but with a less precise match.


Facebook does not store or ‘see’ the data you upload as it is ‘hashed’ prior to being used to
create the custom audience. Meaning your data is secure and you should feel comfortable using this tool to aid in achieving your brands KPI’s.


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