Weekly Competition on Facebook


There are two reasons why I advise on a weekly competition on Facebook.

1. Rewards your active community

2. Helps to build edge rank with your community

Both are very important factors for a healthy, engaged and growing Facebook community.

The best way to execute these types of competitions is :

Every Thursday (days can change) create a wall post asking the community to choose which of the two products they would want to win.

  • By asking them to leave a comment they’re generating a story which can be seen by their community
  • The user is also building up edge rank between themselves and the brand, this boosts the chance that this user will see your next stories.

Every Friday (day after the launch) create a wall post nominating the winning product

  • Winning product goes on sale for everyone to access online using a code at check out
  • Select one (1) winner that engaged with the post and reward them with that product for free . Simply ‘reply’ under the winners comment.

Running simple, quick competitions like this will help to keep your community engaged and your edge rank high.



Fashion brands on Instagram take note!

Here’s a great example of a leading fashion brand using Instagram to engage their followers with great imagery, videos, competitions and lifestyle content.

Econsultancy details the Marc Jacobs Intl successful Instagram strategy->



Instagram is growing extremely fast but the challenge is brands cannot directly make money from the channel, so proving ROI is somewhat difficult.
This doesn’t mean that you should avoid this channel, in fact quite the opposite. This channel should be strongly considered especially if you’re a retail brand.

What techniques have you found are working to increase and retain followers and overall grow engagement?